Our Story

peace valley winery in Lehigh Valley
Before there was a Peace Valley Winery, there was a Susan’s vineyard.

The Original Vineyard

Susan Gross established her vineyard in 1968 by planting 3 acres of wine grapes along with a large experimental plot of new hybrid grape varieties from France and Germany. Since that time, the vineyard has expanded into a commercial enterprise through experimenting with different varieties, in order to determine which grapes work best for our particular soil and climate.

Opening The Vineyard

Peace Valley Winery was opened in late 1984 when Robert Kolmus joined Susan as a business partner. Rob started working at the vineyard as a high school student and continued on through his college days at Delaware Valley College where he majored in horticulture. Through years of study and hard work, Rob has turned the grapes from Susan’s vineyard into delicious, award winning wines.

Pick-Your-Own Farm

Feel free to stop by our vineyard overlooking Lake Galena and Peace Valley Park. In addition to great wines you will find that we have expanded into a thriving pick-your-own farm as well. We currently have 4 acres of pick your own grapes (with 4 more acres to be planted this winter), 2.5 acres of apples, a short acre of strawberries, a short acre of blackberries (open for picking in 2012), and we hope to plant an acre of blueberries in the coming year. In addition we have 4 acres of sweet corn and 6 additional acres of veggies and melons.

peace valley winery grapes

Private Wine Tastings

In our tasting room you will be probably be greeted by Nancy and Moe. Nancy has been with Peace Valley Winery from almost the beginning, providing a pleasant and knowledgeable wine tasting, as well as making custom gift baskets for every occasion. Moe is our cat. Trust me, you will hear him before you see him if he is not sleeping next to the fire on a cold winter day.

A recent addition to our winery is Mark Hart, who brings his enthusiasm and love for wine to our “family”. In addition to helping make the wine and trying to come up with new blends, Mark is available for private tastings and events.

Expanding The Winery

Peace Valley Winery is proud of our history, but we are not looking back. We are currently expanding our sales by participating in local farmer’s markets, wine festivals, and hopefully soon opening satellite locations.

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