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Fruits and Veggies: Availability and Schedule

Blackberry Pick-Your-Own

The Blackberry crop looks like it is going to be fantastic this year. We are anticipating picking to start somewhere around mid July. That is about the same time we hope to open the fields for veggie picking. Stay tuned!

Strawberry Pick-Your-Own Season Starts Saturday May 30th!
We need rain!

Peace Valley Winery will be opening its pick-your-own strawberries Saturday, May 30, at 10am.

The strawberry crop this year is small, and the berries are not real big due to the lack of rain. With that said, there are some nice berries out there, so we are opening the field for picking.
Unlike most things in life, the price this year has not gone up, it is still only $3.00 per quart for these delicious strawberries. (A quart is right around a pound)
Strawberries do not all ripen at the same time like many fruits, so there will be a limited supply everyday. Make sure you get here early, or call ahead (215-249-9058) to ensure that we have ripe berries for you to pick.


Remember the field doesn’t open until 10 A.M. on Saturday. We open at 12 noon Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. (We are closed on Monday and Tuesday)
Hope to see you soon.
Peace Valley Winery