How to Remove Pet Hair in the Apartment?

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Each owner of a fluffy pet is faced with the problem of how to remove pet hair in the apartment. Consider effective ways to solve it.

A dog or a cat in a house is a source of not only joy and positive, but also animal hair, which accumulates on furniture, carpets and clothes, flies in the air and rolls in balls in the corners. As pet owners joke, animal hair becomes a seasoning for any dish, especially during molting.

In addition to domestic inconveniences, the ubiquitous villi can cause serious health problems: allergies to animal hair are a fairly common ailment. And in combination with biological secretions, wool also becomes a source of various bacterial infections.

As practice shows, it is easiest to remove wool from long-haired animals from the carpet. Vacuuming is usually sufficient. Thinner and shorter hairs are more woven into the pile of the carpet product, so it may take more time and effort to clean the carpet.In addition to these vacuum cleaners, there are many portable vacuum cleaners that can be installed in your backpack learn more here. (more…)