Each owner of a fluffy pet is faced with the problem of how to remove pet hair in the apartment. Consider effective ways to solve it.

A dog or a cat in a house is a source of not only joy and positive, but also animal hair, which accumulates on furniture, carpets and clothes, flies in the air and rolls in balls in the corners. As pet owners joke, animal hair becomes a seasoning for any dish, especially during molting.

In addition to domestic inconveniences, the ubiquitous villi can cause serious health problems: allergies to animal hair are a fairly common ailment. And in combination with biological secretions, wool also becomes a source of various bacterial infections.

As practice shows, it is easiest to remove wool from long-haired animals from the carpet. Vacuuming is usually sufficient. Thinner and shorter hairs are more woven into the pile of the carpet product, so it may take more time and effort to clean the carpet.In addition to these vacuum cleaners, there are many portable vacuum cleaners that can be installed in your backpack learn more here.

Benefits of using vacuum cleaners for pet hair

vacuum-cleaner-for-pet-hairVacuum cleaners for cleaning animal hair. An ordinary vacuum cleaner will collect part of the villi, but the result will be far from brilliant. Much better are devices that have special nozzles included in the kit. One of the best is a turbo brush from animal hair, which wraps even small hairs on itself.

According to user reviews, robotic vacuum cleaners, washing and vacuum models clean the animal hair well. The final chord of cleaning the carpet from animal hair is to walk along it with a damp mop or rag.

Vacuum cleaner and nozzles

The most technical way to clean the wool of carpets can be considered cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. If conventional nozzles do a poor job of cleaning animal hair, then in home appliance stores you can buy a special nozzle for removing animal hair or a turbo brush. According to the owners of such nozzles, problems with animal hair can be solved much faster and better. Unfortunately, I do not have such a nozzle yet. But now when buying a vacuum cleaner (the question will soon become relevant), I will know what to choose. Make sure you get a vacuum that is made specifically for cleaning animal hair, like the ones read on vacmux. You can see more models of vacuum cleaners at Vacmux.

We remove the animal hair from the carpet

Here are some tips for cleaning carpets from pet hair:

  • Sweep the carpet with a damp broom. Most likely, you will remove only part of the hair, but the rest of the hairs will rise, and they can be easily collected with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Manual cleaning with a damp cloth. Starting at one end, walk around the entire carpet with a damp cloth. As the rag becomes clogged with wool, wash it in clean water. The method is quite painstaking, but allows you to completely get rid of animal hair even on heavily soiled carpets.
  • Also for cleaning wool, you can use tape. Wrap the tape with your hand (sticky side out) and press it against the carpet. Change the tape as it becomes dirty. In the same way you can clean the upholstery of upholstered furniture.


  • The fastest way: mix 1 cup of water and 1 cup of fabric softener. Use a spray gun to spray onto the carpet. This mixture will soften the hair of animals and make it easier to remove. After drying, vacuum the carpet.
  • You can use special mittens for combing cats and dogs, which are sold in pet stores. This is a rag product with one rubberized side, on which animal hair adheres. You can comb out such a mitten not only your pet, but also walk on the carpet – this will remove most of the molted wool.
  • No matter how trite it may sound, but the most important recipe for maintaining carpet cleanliness is timely, periodic cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. For owners of small animals, we recommend cleaning the carpet 2 times a week, but for owners of large pets or during seasonal molting, it is better to find time for cleaning the floor at least every other day. After all, it is much easier to remove single hairs that are not trampled into the carpet than to remove the “fur outfit” from the carpet.


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